Floyd’s Introductions

Let me set the record straight here about who is who. There’s some kind of about us page around here somewhere, but it was written by the author so it’s probably incomplete and inaccurate.

I am Jeffry Lewis Floyd. Call me by my last name. (I mean it.) I work as a reporter at the London Star. (This is a fictitious paper.) I hate my job. This website is not about me so the biography ends here. This website is about supervillains. My job (my real job, writing nonsense for the London Star is not a real job,) is to keep the supervillains in check. I have decided that this includes educating all you human morons on how to protect yourselves. That is the point of the website.

The Author has an agenda of her own, one that I do not acknowledge. She can take care of introducing herself. She has her own website and has promised to stay out of mine, for the most part. One thing I would like to set straight is that while she may be writing my story she does not control my life. She does give me a very interesting perspective on my life, but while I do not care to comment on who is controlling my life I can assure you that it is not The Author.

The purpose then of this website is to enlighten the peoples of planet Earth on how to best deal with super villains. Some of this might seem basic and obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people can’t even recognize, let alone fight back, when they are attacked by a supervillain. I will be accomplishing this goal by writing and publishing a series of articles on basic supervillain annihilation tactics so that you can recognize, defeat, and preferably destroy any supervillains you may meet. Please note that this information is for educational purposes only and that neither I not The Author are responsible for your actions should you choose to follow or ignore this advice.

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