AUDITIONS! Audio Drama Cast and Crew

I’m putting together a team for the audio drama adaption of Supervillain of the Day!

Before I get into the full specifics I want to clarify a few things. Supervillain of the Day is a series of novellas that I fully intend to publish and profit from.  The audio version of Supervillain of the Day is a completely independent project in all other respects. The novella series is a for-profit and fully copyrighted project that I’m solely in charge of, creatively. The audio drama is an open source project, will be licensed under creative commons, and will be available everywhere, for everyone, free of charge.

So, that said, let’s get on with the audio drama! Below is a list of the cast and crew that I need to put this together. I’ll specify with each part whether it’s a long-term or short-term commitment.


Main Characters (entire series):

Floyd – Of course we start with Floyd. Floyd is the main character of the series, the author of this website. He’s an alien supervillain killer and he works as a photographer for a disreputable paper. He’s somewhat quiet, and doesn’t always have a lot to say, but when he needs to think he usually rambles aloud, to himself if necessary.

Adams – Joseph Adams is a police officer. He behaves exactly as you’d expect a British police officer to act, only with more personality. He tolerates Floyd, and is sympathetic to his cause.

Audition 1

Audition 2

Recurring Characters (more than one episode):

Big E – Big E is the editor of the paper Floyd works for. He is loud and bombastic and doesn’t take excuses well.

Kate – Kate Adams is Joseph’s sister. She’s vibrant, confident, and fun to be around. She teases her brother mercilessly and is fascinated by Floyd.

Steve Kelly – A reformed wannabe supervillain known as the Black Hacker, Kelly has access to valuable information and gets dragged into helping Floyd with his investigations on more than one occasion.

Inspector McCormick – McCormick is a senior investigator at Scotland Yard. After working with Adams on a supervillain case he coerces Floyd into working as a consultant.

Mary Margaret – Mary is a clerk at the London Star who has a crush on Floyd.

Minor Characters (single episode):

Lisa – Lisa is a sixteen year old girl Floyd asks for information during episode 1.

Sanders – Sanders is the clerk who attends on Doctor Sinister. Very obsequious and nervous.

Extras – All the episodes feature a variety of nameless smaller characters. They include a waitress, other police officers, firemen, clerks, and henchmen.

Other – More short term parts will become available as the show progresses. If you’re interested, please audition, and you’ll be in the system to come up for casting later on.


Lab-Coat – Lab-coat is a typical over-the-top, laugh-maniacally-at-your-victims-and-get-killed sort of villain. He’s also an aspiring politician.

Ashes – Ashes is a sinister young man who can become a living human torch. He’s got a dark, sadistic streak.

Doctor Sinister – Is even more over the top than Lab-coat. The comic relief of the story. Inept and melodramatic.

The Manipulator – A creepy guy who can control your thoughts. Sort of like a chameleon, adapting to his surroundings to obscure his identity.

The Telepath – The Telepath is a villainess, and the most sinister of all sinister beings. She can alter emotions and recreate memories. She captures and tortures Floyd for several weeks.

Rex King Cobra – Rex King Cobra is the PR man for the supervillain coalition in the season’s finale. Smooth talking, enjoys violence, but knows how to put on a good show.


Audio Editor – This is a very important part. This is the job where you take all the bits and pieces and put them together into one cohesive story.

Composer – Someone has to write the catchy opening music!

SFX – Sound effects. Can’t do a proper audio drama without ’em.

How to Audition

If you click on the name of each of the characters above you can download the ‘sides’ or audition scripts for each of those characters.  Record the part you are auditioning for, and email me the audio file at Acceptable file formats include .wmv, .mp3, and .avi. Please record a separate audition for each character. If a character doesn’t have an audition side up just mention that you’re interested in playing that character as well.

When emailing you must include the following information:

Your real name
Your age
Parts you are auditioning for
Recording equipment you’re using
How long you’re willing to be involved


Episodes will be recorded, edited and released in chronological order. Each novella equals about three twenty minute episodes. Some characters may not actually receive their scripts and begin shooting for some months, so keep that in mind when you audition. I am always happy to work around scheduling issues, so please remember to include those in your email.

A note about Accents

Supervillain of the Day is set in London, and most of the characters are British. Therefore, everyone assumes I want British accents. This would be great! But my experience is that American accents are better than bad British ones. So if you have good accents in your repertoire then, by all means, show them to me! But it’s most likely that we won’t be attempting accents at all to spare ourselves the embarrassment of being told how poor they are. (Obviously if you are British you don’t have to worry about this!)

For the villains it’s a little more flexible. Villains should have various evil voices and evil laughs. I have no fixed ideas on how each villain should be voiced, and would much rather you show me how you think it should be done. If you have more than one idea feel free to submit multiple auditions.


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  1. Katie, this is a wonderful idea. I am so enjoying the second book; they are really brilliant! I love the characters, and to see them come to life in a production like this – This will be fantastic!

    I am no good at acting etc, but I will be looking on with great interest, and would definitely want to listen to it!!

    Fabulous plans!

  2. Wonderful! I will have to see if I can figure something out! This won’t be started until January, correct?

    • There’s no exact dates going around anywhere, but it will probably take that long for anything to get properly organized, yet. I’d like to have the first three episodes done by March.

  3. If cast will we need to come to you for actual shooting or will we just submit our audio to you? I live in Pennsylvania….

    • You would submit the audio the same way you do the audition, recording and emailing it to the sound engineer. The entire production is intended to be able to be pulled off using the wonderful world of the internet.

  4. The audition sheets have multiple characters’ lines in them. Would one voice both characters for the audition or leave gaps where the other character’s lines would be?

    • Leave gaps where the other characters lines are. That’s how it’s usually done, I believe.

  5. I love this audiobook idea using auditions etc. that seems to be going around! 😀 The question now is, when will there be an Australian hero/villain? 😉

    • If you want to play Mary Margaret or Lisa it’s best to get your audition in before January 1st. However, I’ll be adding in new characters even after production starts so I’ll be accepting auditions for an indefinite length of time.

  6. Well well well, I will most certainly get myself involved in this business as soon as I can! Those villains look most appealing to me. I may not have an excellent chance to record for a few weeks and will have to test my equipment, so there will be delay, but I’ll be back!

    • I’m casting main characters next week, but other than Lab-coat I believe all the villain parts will remain more or less available until I start recording those episodes. There will always be more supervillains. I look forward to hearing from you!