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Guess what? This is the part of the self-publishing process where I solicit reviews of my book! Why should you review my book? Well, the going theory is that you can’t be successful without lots of reviews on Amazon. And it’s a well-established tradition for authors to hold giveaways and otherwise beg and plead for attention in order to increase their number of Amazon reviews.

“Well yes,” you say, “I know all that. So why should I review your book?”

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you why. Because if you do your name will be added to this Top Secret List.

“What is this top secret list?”

It’s not a top secret list. It’s a Top Secret List. Notice the capital letters? That makes it more distinguished.

“Fine. What is the Top Secret List?”

Well, that’s the question isn’t it. All right, I’ll tell you.

One letter at a time.

Mmhmm. Each time I add a name to the list I’ll reveal a letter. And when all the letters are revealed I’ll explain.

Oh, come on. You like puzzles!

Don’t you?

I’ll give you a hint. There are 29 letters.

What? You don’t think I can find 30 people to review my book? Maybe not… but you can.

Come on! I didn’t release this book under creative commons for nothing! Go recruit the populace! Your curiosity demands that you do!

All right, fine. There’s a giveaway too. Send your recruits over to this page to enter a giveaway, and refer you as the person who first alerted them to the supervillain threat. They have to answer a trivia question to enter the giveaway, and you get a point! Reach a certain number of points and you get prizes!

I’ll be watching the Amazon page, so I’ll know when new reviews are posted. No need to submit anything or even visit the site, except to see what the newly revealed letter is! Please allow 2-3 days for the site to be updated. You can review whichever book in the series you like, but your name will only count on the list once. The only way to reveal more letters is to get more individuals involved.

Now go and recruit!

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