Call for Corrections

How many of you own a copy of Supervillain of the Day? Very good. How many of your read all the way to the end? Remember those pages in the back with all kinds of miscellaneous oddities? Remember the one about submitting corrections? Remember the comment about the Omnibus version?

You don’t?

Well. There is going to be an omnibus version of Supervillain of the Day. The Complete First Season. All six books plus a holiday special. And this amazing volume is coming out at some undefined point in November. Get all excited!

Not only will the Omnibus version contain the entire first series, it will contain them in their revised and updated form! I’ll be going over all my books yet again to polish and edit and update wherever the fancy takes me. This is your chance to exhibit your great knowledge and point out any mistakes I may have made!

This is the official call for corrections for Books 1 and 2. All corrections must fall into one of the two following categories:

Factual Error (There is no such thing has… it’s illogical for… your geography is atrocious…)
Spelling or Grammar error

To submit an error simply comment below! Please specify the type of error, mention which book it is, and give me a page number. For spelling and grammar errors please also include part of the sentence in which the error occurs. For factual errors please give me the correct information as well.

Why should you do all this? I’ll tell you why!

1. You get to be right
2. Everyone who helps me out will get a mention in the Omnibus
3. Every new error you submit (check previous comments!) will be an entry into an exclusive drawing for a signed print version of said Omnibus! And by exclusive I mean just for you error submitting people!
4. If you submit a factual error you get a free ebook of the new version*

*factual errors subject to author’s approval