In Dedication: Boots

How on earth do I begin to explain Boots? It’s like trying to explain an inside joke to someone who wasn’t there. It’s like trying to explain the definition of fun.

That’s what Boots is, fun and lots of it. I see him at the contra-dance on Fridays when I make it down there, which isn’t near as often as I’d like.  He claims no one can remember his real name, so he goes by his nickname, which comes from his foot-gear. He wears a bandanna, which is great for tugging to get his attention. Making him laugh is the easiest thing in the universe, and it can quickly become addicting.

But I didn’t just dedicate a book to him because he’s the best dance partner I’ve ever had, although that’s a pretty good reason. This series is dedicated to my heroes, and he’s one of them.

Which leads me back around to why. It’s complicated. It all started two or three years ago when I sat down to write a blog series called “Who is your Doctor?” I never did post the series, but the premise was to get multiple people to write in with their personal stories of who was in their life that most resembled the title character of the British TV show Doctor Who. And if you have no idea what that has to do with heroes then go read this post from that era.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that Boots is a hero to me because I want to be like him when I grow up. I want to be someone who everyone is always glad to see, who’s always laughing, always happy, who never runs out of energy to go out and do something fun even after a long stressful day at work, someone who’s optimistic and cheerful and encouraging.

Supervillain of the Day is dedicated to Boots:

For every dance
And every laugh
And every smile