The Case of the Missing Audio Drama – Part Three

The story so far: The Missing Audio Drama has been revealed not to be missing at all, simply delayed in production. Supervillains are still suspected to be behind the slow progress, although even more people have begun to blame Floyd as a result of his refusal to help find the person really responsible. He is now sulking on his own, after arguing with the Author and refusing once again to provide any assistance. We will leave him to his own dark thoughts and see what the Author is doing about the situation herself. 

<screech of interference>

I don’t know who’s writing this story, but I’m taking over from here to announce that the Audio Drama has not died, it is alive and well and simply in hibernation. Regenerating, one might say. And we have a new and exciting announcement to make.

The audio drama is going to be released on a new schedule, as follows. All episodes will be recorded and edited over the summer so there will be no delays or missed deadlines. This also gives us a chance to get a new jump on promotion! We all love promotion, right? So without further ado, here is the new release schedule.

The Adventure Begins – September
Fire and Ashes – October
Inspector Floyd – November
Christmas Special (TBA) – December
Supervillain Hunters, International – January
The Adventure Continues – February
Dreams and Shadows – March
Supervillains of London – April

Look for new episodes on Tuesdays both here, and on iTunes! At the end of each month the entire adventure will be released on Amazon on CD and as an MP3. Please give a round of applause to all the actors who volunteer their time to make this audio drama a reality. And thanks to you for listening!


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