The Mad Scramble

Help Stop Supervillains - Button
Help Stop Supervillains – Button

Supervillain Awareness Day is almost upon us! What are you doing to promote supervillain awareness in your community? Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

1. Post on your blog!
2. Put up posters!
3. Host an event!
4. Tell all your friends!

Choose from our amazing selection of graphics to provide a powerful image to accompany your activity! Sign up a few of your friends to receive one of our informational postcards by emailing us their mailing address! (Don’t worry, we don’t spam! Think of it as a greeting card sending service. We can even include your name on the card so they know who sent it!)

Book Sale!

Our contribution towards Supervillain Awareness Day is to get your attention through the biggest ebook sale ever. All six books in the “Supervillain of the Day” series will be FREE on Kindle November 20th through November 22nd. Are you missing one or three in your collection? Get them now! Due to the extremely limited time frame we’re calling this event The Mad Scramble. Spread the word! Already own all six? Consider gifting a copy to a friend! After all, it doesn’t cost anything.

And don’t forget to tell us why you love Supervillain of the Day! We’re putting quotes from readers into the omnibus version, and you can be a part of it!