Summer Sale!

It’s been a while since we’ve ran a sale, and this one is going to be amazing! Supervillain of the Day is featured this week on Homeschooled Authors as part of their annual Read-to-Win Program. The way it works is like this.

You buy a book for $0.99. You read the book. You review the book on Amazon. You enter your review for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, it gets even better.

I have an entire series, and the first book in that series is $0.99 pretty much all the time. So I thought, instead of picking just one book to put on sale, why not put the entire series on sale? That way you can jump in and play no matter where you’re at. Are you all caught up except for the newest release? Get it now! Are you just starting out? It’s our lucky day! Did you get stuck halfway through because your don’t have a lot of book money? Get four novellas for the price of one!

The sale starts today (July 6tj) and ends next week on July 12th. There are eight novellas and three short stories all available for only $0.99 each. And just to make it even more attractive, I’ve lowered the price of the omnibus to $4.99 as well. If you haven’t read the entire first season yet, the Omnibus is a must-get. It comes with the bonus stories, and includes the new and improved editions of the novellas.

So head over to Amazon and pick up a few new books to read this month! And then if you’re of the contest variety, head back to Homeschooled authors and enter their rafflecoptor giveway. (Pssst–there aren’t very many entries, so the odds are good right now!)

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