While Supervillain of the Day is the brainchild and written work of a single author there are many artists who put time and effort into the visual side of the series, sometimes for little or not monetary return. This page will tell you a bit about each of the graphic designers who’ve worked on the project, what art they did, and how you can get in touch with them to do art for you!

Jasmine Ruigrok

Jasmine is the official Series 2 cover designer. She’s the artist behind all the buttons found on the graphics page, as well as the omnibus cover and all “Stop Supervillainy Now” artwork. The regular “Supervillain of the Day” design is also her design, using original character art by Joe Clemons.

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller is the official Series 1 cover designer. All six original S.1 covers were designed and created by him.

Joe Clemons

Joe Clemons did the original character art for Floyd, Adams, Kate, and the Author found on the about page and the official “Supervillain of the Day” art designs.

Meaghan Ward

Meaghan is the artist for three of the illustrations appearing in the omnibus version of Season 1: “I Don’t Have a Plan (Book 1),” “I can take you as far as the middle-of-nowhere (Book 4),” and “The Glassman (Book 3).”

Shaun McAlpine

Shaun is the artis for the other three illustrations appearing in the omnibus, including Book 2, Book 5, and Book 6.

Art Critics

I can’t put up a page of artists without mentioning the wonderful people who help me make artistic decisions. Thanks to the wonderful people who make up my team and help me make up my mind: Elizabeth Kirkwood, Aubrey Hansen, Jordan Smith, and Jess Verve.