Jeffry Lewis Floyd

An alien from another planet, he was taken from his home world under uncertain (and probably illegal) circumstances, trained to be a living weapon, injected with nanobots that prevent him from dying, and sent to protect Earth from the greatest evil ever seen—telemarketers. Er, supervillains. He works as a reporter for a tabloid paper until he gets fired for never showing up to work. In his spare time he likes to get captured, killed, and then come back to life to kick some supervillain butt.

Sgt. Joseph S. Adams

Content with his life and the world as he knew it, until a crazy reporter who turned out to be an alien who turned out to be invincible turned his universe on its head. Now he runs interference between Floyd and everyone else, all while helping conceal the alien’s true identity and preventing anyone from burying him while he’s “dead.” He dreams of a world where order prevails over chaos and diligence is rewarded but the universe conspires to teach him that cynicism is preferable to optimism as a survival plan.

Katherine Marie Adams

Joseph’s sister, who goes by Kate, and calls her brother “Joey” when he’s around important people. Beautiful, talented, successful and sophisticated, she’s everything everyone dreams of being, or having. Almost immediately upon meeting Floyd she gives him her phone number, insists on calling him Jeffry, and then gets kidnapped to impress him. When that fails she resorts to saving his life and sanity, but as with all beautiful women she’s keeping a secret…