Series One

Book 1: Supervillain of the Day

The supervillain outbreak has begun. Reports are trickling in from all over the world of havoc and mayhem being wreaked by evil masterminds and villains. In the midst of this world-wide phenomena, however, London is strangely calm and peaceful. Not a single supervillain has made an appearance. For most Londoners this is very good news, but for the editor of a tabloid paper specializing in the strange and unusual it’s very bad news indeed.

Reporter Jeffry Floyd is assigned the task of finding a supervillain “or else.” He appeals to Scotland Yard for help, but his incessant poking at shadows gets him banned from the case, until one sergeant realizes that both Floyd and his “investigation” are more than they seem…

Book 2: Fire and Ashes

The world has been overrun by supervillains and the only thing that stands between humanity and destruction is an alien reporter-turned-supervillain hunter–Jeffry Lewis Floyd. The last thing in the galaxy Floyd wants is to be a hero, but even the villains seem intent on making him into one.

A human torch boasts that he will cause the Second Great Fire of London. Every day he turns more of the city into smouldering ruins, and nothing can be done to stop him. Will a hero be found in time, or will London be consumed by fire and Ashes?

Book 3: Inspector Floyd

A string of murders leads Inspector McCormick of Scotland Yard to believe that a serial killer is loose in London. Only a few facts remain to be cleared up; such as how the murderer is getting to his victims, and how to catch him. But when their lead suspect turns out to be the harmless-but-eccentric reporter, Jeffry Floyd, an unlikely alliance is formed. Floyd reveals that the supervillains are also being picked off one at a time, and he intends to find out who is responsible. But matters are complicated when Sergeant Adams’ sister comes to town.

Kate Adams is nothing at all like her brother, and manages to get thoroughly mixed up in the double murder investigation, the supervillain underworld, and–unexpectedly–the life of Jeffry Floyd.

Book 4: Supervillain Hunters, International

Floyd’s escapades are always getting him into trouble. But he never cares until they get someone else into trouble—someone he relies on too much to risk offending. Sergeant Adams has been suspended from his duties pending a hearing regarding some papers he was supposed to be safeguarding—papers a supervillain stole on Floyd’s watch. Floyd vows to get them back, but Adams declines his assistance.

Floyd never did know how to take a hint, and devises an elaborate scheme to trick Adams into coming with him. Their investigation takes them to the United States of America where they are shot out of the sky, branded as vigilantes, and meet an old farmer who offers to take them to the the town where the first supervillains appeared…

Book 5: Dreams and Shadows

We have run the appropriate calculations. You will survive for three weeks, two days, and seventeen hours…”

The world is changing. Floyd is working at Scotland Yard as an official consultant, methods for handling the supervillains is finally approaching something nearing efficiency, and henchmen are not as stupid as they seem. When Floyd stumbles across an elaborate plot to have him eliminated it scares him more than he is willing to admit.

And then he wakes up alone, in the dark, with no memory of what has happened. As he tries to explore his surroundings he quickly discovers that he isn’t alone as he first thought. A malevolent presence is toying with him; altering his thoughts, emotions, and will. As the rules of the game become clear Floyd realizes that, win or lose, he’s going to die…

Book 6: Supervillains of London
“Please let me die…”

Welcome to the end of the world, where paperwork accumulates like snowdrifts and supervillains run unchecked through the streets. Where London is under the rule of a mysterious coalition, and the only person who has any clue what’s going on is a cowardly wannabe-supervillain nerd. Welcome to a world without Jeffry Lewis Floyd.

Joseph Adams never says his name. The self-styled Defender of the Earth died saving the policeman’s life, and that mistake can never be rectified. Adams neglects his duty as a police officer, and even when threatened with losing his job he is only interested in pursuing supervillains who vanish like vapor whenever he gets close. Then everything changes with the rumor that Floyd might still be alive…