Season 2

Book 2.1: Superhero of the Day

Despite adopting the title of “Defender” and giving his life on an almost daily basis to save complete strangers, Floyd still doesn’t believe in heroes. And after breaking up with the woman who saved his life twice, he’s not even sure he believes in love any more. Into the midst of this uncertainty steps a man who defies Floyd’s way of life—Brandon Reece, also known as the superhero Blue Shadow.

Brandon has everything Floyd does not—courage, honor, graciousness, and a heavy dose of stupidity. He is a thorough and competent fighter, although his idealism prevents him from being very effective. Despite constantly ridiculing him, Floyd eventually admits to a grudging respect for the vigilante, but his warnings against heroism come true–and Brandon must choose between his honor and the life of his beloved.

wannabe1 copyShort Story: So You Wanna Be A Hero

Something monstrous is haunting the ruins of Tower Bridge, threatening its reconstruction. It’s up to you to stop it, but you’ve walked this road before, and you’re not ready to face those demons again. But that’s what heroes do, or so you’re told, so you find yourself diving into the fray once again. Do you have what it takes to set aside your personal fears and save the world–again?

This unusual short story is takes place between Superhero of the Day and The Dragon of London, but it can be enjoyed regardless of where you are in the series. This book was released in honor of Free Comic Book Day, and as a partk of Superhero Week, a celebration of superhero fiction.

Book 2.2: The Dragon of London

The world has changed.

It’s been seven months since London was taken over by supervillains. It’s been six months since their rule was broken and a shaky government reinstated. The ruins of Tower Bridge stand as a testament to that last battle, one in which the fate of the world was decided.

We are all haunted by our ghosts, some more than others.

Jeffry Floyd has scarcely slept since that night, but even waking he can’t escape his memories. He thinks no one notices how slippery his grasp of reality is, but Joseph Adams has nightmares of his own, and isn’t willing to lose his friend a second time.

When the lines between good and evil becomes blurred…

A new insidious presence is creeping over London, and the rumors of a dragon somewhere under the city can no longer be ignored. But Floyd’s first meeting with the creature doesn’t go as planned, for the monster proposes a deal as impossible as it is unthinkable—join forces with him, and he will heal Floyd’s mind.

…What lengths will you go to save your soul?


Book 2.3 — A Supervillain in King Arthur’s Court

Supervillains. Time travel. A jilted love interest. Flying muffins. What could possibly go wrong?

When a supervillain claims to invent a time machine, Floyd and Adams must investigate before he causes too much damage. But matters are complicated by the arrival of flying muffins—delicious breakfast pastries that cause their consumers to become highly suggestible and exhibit signs of judgment impairment.

When Floyd wakes up after sleeping off the effect of the muffins, he has no memory of calling up Kate Adams and asking to see her. So he’s understandably confused when she shows up in Scotland Yard’s lobby, interrupting him while he’s in the middle of defusing a disco ball.

But the adventure has only just started. The disco ball becomes a portal, hurling Floyd, Kate, and the supervillain back a thousand or two years into the past. Suddenly they must face the dilemma of how to survive in a world almost as cut-throat as their own and, more importantly, how to get home again.

Book 2.4 – Enemy Mine

In order to take down a particularly powerful supervillain Floyd allies himself with several others in an ends-justifies-the-means scenario.

Book 2.5 – Supervillains in Outer Space

Scotland Yard’s DSV is turned on its head when several rocket ships take off from the planet and obscure the sun. But everything is not quite as it seems…