website header A little over a year ago I released my first novella Supervillain of the Day under a creative commons share-alike license. I talked about what that is and what it means. I tried to get the attention of Lew Rockwell and other free information people, to no effect. Most of my fellow authors were like: that’s cool, but why would I do it? I’ll tell you why.

I am incredibly proud to present Joel A. Parisi’s new series SHRAID. I am very excited about this series for two reasons.

1. It’s based on Supervillain of the Day
2. It’s released under a Creative Commons license.

Joel came to me one day, a few months ago, and said: “I’m going to take you up on that CC-BY-SA license.” (He likes to use the full acronym. It makes him look smart and knowledgeable.) There were a few things that annoyed him about the Supervillain of the Day series, such as the lack of hard science (how do supervillains happen anyway?) and the way the USA is ignored except for when Floyd wants to make fun of them. SHRAID is the DoD’s version of Floyd: the Supervillain Handling, Research, and Intervention Department. But, of course, they do their job just as well as my one man team, if not better. I have occasionally referred to SHRAID as “what SHIELD should have been.”

But the most exciting thing about it, to me, is the license. In order to write a spin off to my series Joel needed to abide by the terms of the license, specifically the “share-alike” part. Which means now you’re free to write a spin off to his series. Which means I can hijack his characters if I so choose, without permission! (Although if I want him to keep speaking to me, I’ll ask permission.) Isn’t Creative Commons wonderful?

And for you SotD fans out there, it gets even better. SHRAID is going to be considered official canon for the SotD universe. Joel asked if I would endorse it, I said yes. There’s even rumours of a crossover next year.

Enough about me! Go read his (beautifully designed) website and like the Facebook page for further updates!

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