Cover Artist Reveal

It is my great pleasure to reveal the cover artist for Supervillain of the Day! Jordan Miller will be designing the covers for all six books of the first series. When submitting his concept for the series Jordan caught my attention with the following description:

This approach focuses on a single, dramatic, photo-like city-scape. I’m confident in my ability to compose something in this style that would come out well.  The majority of the ideas in my head focus around the dramatic city-scape element with touches and flourishes here and there. And LA and London have some great city-scapes so I should have little problem finding good stock photos to work with.

Setting was one of the aspects I was most eager to capture in the cover imagery, and London does have some beautiful places that will be riveting, as well as drawing attention to the series’ location. I am very excited to see what he comes up with.

You can see Jordan’s artwork online at Deviant Art.

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