Pick a Villain!

So you all know by now that there’s an audio drama version of Supervillain of the Day. And if you go to the proper page you can see a schedule of upcoming episodes. And if you look at the schedule you will see that there are more episodes then there are books! In fact, sandwiched in between “Supervillain Hunters, International” and “Dreams and Shadows” there are two whole adventures you’ve never heard of!

That’s because they’re new, audio drama only exclusives, written by my very good friend and supervillain enthusiast Rachel Kays. And now she needs your help.

If you look at that list again you’ll see the first of the new adventures is titled “The Adventure Begins,” while the second one is only titled “TBA” which means “To Be Announced.” I’m about ready to announce it, so I asked if she had any title suggestions. She said she didn’t really have a plot yet, but once she picked out a supervillain to feature in it she’d come up with one pretty fast.

Well, says I, pick a villain.

Wait, she says, I have a better idea.

How would you like to pick the supervillain for the “TBA” adventure?

Now’s your chance to give input to the series! I’m working on writing some adventures, and I need your help. From the Fan Villainy list on the Supervillain of the Day website (located here: http://supervillains.katielynndaniels.com/supervillain-database/fan-villainy/), what villain would you most like to see be in the audio drama? Post below and let me know! If you can’t decide on a villain or don’t see one that you’d like to see, submit your own! You can do so here: http://supervillains.katielynndaniels.com/fun-stuff/create-your-own-supervillain/ But remember, if you create your own, let me know here that it’s made and that you’d like to see him/her in the audio drama.

I look forward to your suggestions! 😀


To submit a request simply post a comment on this post, or on the Facebook page!


Pick a Villain! — 4 Comments

  1. Justice, since he’s the most compelling super-villain I’ve created, but that also means I want to write him, so I’m conflicted.