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Welcome, at long last, to the official website for Supervillain of the Day! I had to argue a bit with Floyd to get rights to actually write this first post, but eventually he stepped aside, begrudgingly, since he doesn’t like technical administrative stuff anyhow.

So what is Supervillain of the Day? It is two things. One – it is a brand new series about a world overrun by supervillains; but there are no superheroes to stop them. Two – it is Floyd’s website.

This begs the question – who is Floyd? Jeffry Lewis Floyd is the main character of my series, and the author of most of the resources you will find lying around here. He’s my character, but he exists in my universe and I exist in his… sort of… and it’s all a bit confusing. You’ll get used to it. All the blog posts will be clearly labeled so you know who wrote what to avoid mayhem and confusion.

Why Supervillain of the Day? I chose the title because I noticed that most superheroes, on average, battled 1-4 supervillains in the course of a single story line. I asked myself, what would happen if there was no superhero? The world would quickly be overrun! And so it has been. A supervillain outbreak is scheduled to occur on Earth sometime in November-December, 2012. Perhaps this is the apocalypse foretold by the Mayans. So many supervillains, that a decent hero could be kept busy fighting a different one every day. Oh wait, there are no superheroes. We’re doomed! Mwahahaha.

What about the series? My Supervillain of the Day is structured like a TV series. Six independent novellas will be released exactly one month apart over a six month period. You can read more about the books and their release dates on the page called “Books”. The idea is that this is the first season, or series, of the entire set. If it does well and everyone likes it and I deem it worth my time than a second series will be released 12-18 months after the end of the first one.

The novellas are all roughly 20,000 words in length. Short enough to be an easy day’s read, but long enough to tell a complete and satisfactory story. They’re like episodes – free standing, but connected by the same characters, and building eventually to a grand finale.

Floyd’s Supervillain of the Day is actually a huge repository of all the supervillains known to be infesting Earth, all the information that can be collected on them, and resources about supervillains in general and how to defeat them. If you’ve sighted a supervillain you can report it on the appropriate page. You can also browse our wiki-like database of known villains. Since I’m an author and all I can see into the future, and over forty villains and henchmen are listed already.

So, what else? Explore the site! Some features are obviously placeholders for cool features that will be up and coming in the near future. Follow this blog to keep up with release information about the series, and Floyd’s information on how to deal with the impending invasion. Check back often for cool things like artwork, book covers, and free stuff. And, of course, I expect to see you all first thing in the morning on New Year’s Day for the very first installment of Supervillain of the Day!

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